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“The adventurer roams, sometimes in peril, but always in a sense of wonder and amazement.” This has been Najadi’s hallmark while trekking the path toward his life’s true purpose.

In The Sea and the Hills, readers will find the story of a poor boy, his memories, and his destiny which are intermingled in the elite world of high finance and injustice—it is a determined exploration into the theme called destiny. The dramatic arc of his story rises in success, but cannot be said to crash in tragedy. It is about the setbacks he has faced that fed in further growth. Generally, this book is an affirmation of belief in life’s purpose, of a spirit of adventure, and of unbridled optimism.

Najadi believes the holistic moral of any man’s life story is best appreciated when seen from a distance, with the benefit of time and perspective. Only then is the landscape laid out in its full beauty; the hills and valleys, and the glittering sea on the horizon. This book will inspire readers to fervently search their life’s true purpose, live a meaningful life, and win against trials and tribulations.


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