Book Reviews


“Elegantly written and suffused with optimism...”

-- Blueink Review, Colorado, USA

“The Sea and the Hills: The Life of Hussain Najadi, is more than just a memoir of a man
with a talent for high fi nance. It is, as the cover notes, a story of “oil, politics and justice,”
and it is the latter that makes the book a good and worthwhile read.”

-- Mark G. McLaughlin, Clarion Review, USA

“Ultimately vindicated, the author (Hussain Najadi) reflects upon the ways that
fate, determination and the support of loved ones infl uenced his life. He later defi nes
success from a signifi cantly altered perspective as he continues to pursue “the original
quest of building bridges among nations, cultures, and civilisations” in order to
create “a more equitable world in which everyone is able to share the fruits of our
global resources.”

-- Kirkus Indie, Texas, USA

“As a friend for more than 30 years, from the day I met him in Kuala Lumpur, I’m extremely pleased that Hussain has told his story. It is fascinating in itself, but it is also worth reading for the lessons it contains. The most obvious is that intellectual curiosity, combined with an open mind and relentless drive, can go a long way towards compensating for the lack of formal education. Readers will fi nd others as well.”

-- Barry Wain, Singapore, Author, former Managing Editor, Wall Street Journal Asia.

“’s a fi ne piece of literature, a master piece I should say, true life experience of the
up & down, the different culture across the many continents brought down generation
after generation, the vision of the past live the present culture, oppression, colonialism,
powerful sheikh, fair play, the power that be of the day say it all, it is a very motivational
piece of literature to read.”

-- Albert Cheong ys - Malaysia

“A brilliant and inspirational story from a charismatic fi gure! A fascinating story not
only from a historical point of view, the rise of the Arab and Asian world, but touching
from a human perspective, the story of a man who is never defeated and goes ahead
despite of the adversities of his personal and his country’s history...this autobiography is
a masterpiece, its characters are beautifully portrayed, the story is superbly told ...”

-- Elena of Italy (also shown on Amazon’s review page)

“Hussain Najadi is no stranger to hardships, and his autobiography, The Sea and the Hills, showcases his extraordinary life. From being ejected from his home country Bahrain for plotting against British colonial rule, to his ‘golden triangle’- Western technology, management, and know-how, Asian natural resources, and Arab capital- he has had successes and triumphs at every turn. The book tells the story of his rapid rise to success and his reign as the leader in wholesale and corporate banking in Southeast Asia.”

-- Matthew Bryant, Bohlsen Group, Indiana, USA

“As such, this book is a tasty distillation of his adventures, the hard lessons of life, and more importantly, his philosophy. Reading it is like getting a crash course on the Middle East, Islam, colonialism, oppressive dictatorial rule, banking, and finance, all at one go. It was an extremely engaging read for me, and I canít remember the last time I finished a book in a mere two days.”

-- The Star, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia